TRASH anycoloryoulike

Single use plastic paintings with the purpose of seeding the “TRASH fund”, a program for clean communities.
Expanding on a small study of works begun in 2010, “TRASH anycoloryoulike” is an ongoing unique collection of artworks that have been minted to symbolize our annual social practice. Painted entirely out of plastic material, the process uses heat to melt polyethylene film onto a wooden panel or tarp canvas. Each minted artwork serves as "proof of work" of one maximalism, clean up, or collaboration. All plastic is sourced from private use and from clean ups. 
The proceeds from the sale of this artwork will go to seed the pilot phase of the TRASH fund in Harlem.


TRASH launched on June 13th, 2008 with two maximalisms in Harlem. That summer we toured NYC and made a spot appearance in Naples, Italy. In all, we produced 13 projects.
The first drop from this series are 13 panels minted for the year 2008. Please consider adding a TRASH painting to your collection and support our ongoing work.

This release is priced at 1,000 USD for each artwork in the collection.