INSTRUCTIONS 1. Line your household waste trash cans with the pink project trash bag. Place only your household waste into the pink project trash bag. 2. Take out your trash on set collection day along with other participants. Be in accord with your city sanitation code. Your collective action will create a Maximalism. ** If […]

Maximalism Montreal

The city of Montreal commissioned 35,000 bags for our largest Maximalism yet. The project lasted 6 months and covered 1 kilometer of Ste Catherine St. in the heart of the village district in Montreal. May – September 2014        

TRASH project Utrecht

In conjunction with a group show at the Expodium Cultural Center, the curatorial team organized TRASH Maximalism in the city of Utrecht. They distributed the bags to residents to produce the installation and documented their use. March 27, 2010

Maximalism St Marks

Curated by Henriette Hosbond and Amanda Bloch from Roskilde University June 1st, 2009      

Maximalism NYC

The streets of New York are paved with…trash. About 10,000 tons of residential waste is collected daily by the NYSD. This ordinary function results in trash monuments, uncanny in scale.   Staring in Harlem then traveling throughout NYC, the local community was invited to produce each site-specific installation. TRASH project bags were distributed to persons responsible for sanitation and maintenance […]